Bakerstreet (Hindu Kush) By Tweed Inc.

This is a review I posted in December 2014 on

I’ve been anxiously awaiting my latest Tweed package containing Bakerstreet (Hindu Kush).  The kush strains hail from india and are generally known to be short, thick and dense.  They are often referred to as “pure indica” but can have some sativa in their genetics (the added sativa elements can add a bit of a heady feeling to the strong sedative like effects of a good indica).   What I received from Tweed was Hindu Kush to the letter…. Scents of moss, earth and peat.  Tightly trimmed, well cured buds frosted with tiny trichomes.   Dense and spongy,  but not moist. The kind of bud you know is going to fluff up nice in the grinder!  To demonstrate, I took two similar sized buds and place the slightly smaller one in for a grind, and you can see what I mean by "fluffed up"


I vape using an Arizer Solo (  Starting on level 4 I was shocked at how much vapor Bakerstreet produced!  Very tasty too!  Nothing overpowering about the flavor, just a nice mellow continuation of the scent!


The effects came on quickly; calm and relaxing, like breathing a huge sigh of relief.  This strain is recommended of evening and night and I can see why, perfect to help unwind those late day anxieties!  I imagine I’ll be having a very restful sleep tonight too, another benefit of a well bred indica!


I hope Bakerstreet becomes a Tweed mainstay!!