Puri5 Titan Returns Vaporizer Review

I received a Puri5 Titan Returns for review last week and I was quite surprised at the performance of this little device.  Not without its flaws, the Titan Returns is actually a little powerhouse producing nice clouds and a good flavour thanks in part to the upgraded ceramic bowl (this vaporizer has been released under a few names with the original having a stainless steel bowl). Where the Titan Return could see some improvements is in the build quality around the mouthpiece and the session time.  This vaporizer was advertised as having a five minute auto shut off time but the unit I received shuts off in three.

Overall, this is a good little starter vape for those looking to get into vaporization for the first time.  The $100 price-point won't break the bank and the ceramic bowl provides great flavour. 

For more information on the Puri5 Titan Returns or to pick one up yourself, please go HERE!