Puri5 Titanic Vaporizer Review

I had a box arrive at my door the other week and I can't tell you how happy I was to see what was inside!  A Puri5 Titanic!  A what, you say?  A Titanic!!  You see, the Titanic is a rebrand (not a knock-off, but an original with new logo and packaging) of one of the most popular entry level vapes released in the last few years, the Flowermate 5.  Even being the vaporizer fan that I am, I never actually had a Flowermate of my very own and I always wanted one, this is even better!!  The Titanic is the exact vape as the Flowermate, same parts, same factory, same function but with an upgraded battery and an extra glass mouthpiece, which is great if you're a klutz like me!

For more information on the Titanic or to get one of your own, please go HERE!  Using this link lets the manufacturer know you saw this video and you found it helpful.