The Kushbury Podcast Ep. 1 The Wellness Soldier

Hey everybody!  We are here with episode one of The Kushbury Podcast, something I hope will become a regular feature here!  I've been thinking of doing a podcast as a companion to the site for a little while now but hadn't moved on it.  When I heard from @WellnessSoldier that he'd be in Toronto for the Karma Cup I thought what better way to put a face to a twitter handle and to help promote someone doing fantastic work in the community then to meet up at a studio and play get to know you in front of a couple of mic's.

The Wellness Soldier is Cody Lindsay and he provides information to both veterans and the general public alike about healthy living.  This includes clean eating, exercise, meditation and medical marijuana.  We discuss a wide range of topics from his Karma Cup experience, tours of various LP's to cooking with Cannabis and the up coming Veterans Dinner.

We are joined by my pal and producer Mike Tinning and over the course of the hour we may have medicated an ailment or two.  And good for me for slurring out Cody's name right off the top!  No edits here!  Ha!  Hope you like the show!