Brown - My First Copper Pot Blend

Something new on the review table this week is an offering from Tweed called “Brown”.   This will be a bit of a departure from my usual format and will include a little more editorial comments than I’ve contributed in the past and I am expecting to hear some polarizing opinions on the matter (but it won’t stop me from loving you, you beautiful people).


Brown is not a particular strain, rather something that Tweed has labeled a “Copper Pot Blend”; a mixture of complimentary varieties to provide a more robust medicinal profile than would be found from an individual strain.  A focus of the blends has been the inclusion of CBD strains, giving a more varied selection to those who benefit from this cannabinoid.  In Tweed’s own words, the CP blends were “(milled) and hand blended” (meaning not coming as full buds, rather pre ground, mixed and standardized based on preferred attributes) and were to be free from twigs, stems and seeds.


All of this sounds very exciting, and it’s true that the announcement of the Copper Pot Blends got people talking, but once released, the initial reception was luke warm at best.  There were those who brought up that THC begins to degrade after it’s been ground, those who tried various blends and did not enjoy the effects and then there were those who, despite Tweed’s claim to the contrary, received product containing stems, twigs and seeds.  I was one of them, here is a picture of what I received;


To Tweed’s credit, they were quick to react the moment these comments started floating in via social media. They apologized for the initial twig statement and promptly removed the claim from their website, though never shying away from the fact it was once there.   While it is true ground marijuana looses its potency faster than that in bud form, there is debate about just how much faster it degrades and how storage practices play into determining that rate.  I myself have always been one to grind a few grams in advance and have never noticed a decline in potency, though I suppose once you start working in and storing larger quantities the problem could become much more noticeable.   That said, I found my experience with Brown to be very consistent.


So on to the review….


I was quite excited to receive my bi-weekly Tweed package, particularly as it contained my first sampling of one of their new Copper Pot blends called Brown.  Upon opening, I was greeted with a nice earthy aroma and a container filled ground bud and topped with sticks and twigs.  Within minutes my Twitter feed was bustling with those having similar experiences (I guess we were all on that first run!), but as I mentioned previously, Tweed was quick to respond and met the criticisms head on, rather than taking days to get back.  While I am sure not everyone was satisfied with what they heard, I found it to be a good display of their Customer Service Team dealing with an unscheduled uprising. 


Back to the task at hand….  The product itself is a 13% THC / 4% CBD sativa blend.  I typically stay clear of sativas as they tend to make me anxious and sends my mind racing (I medicate for PTSD) though I have had some success with a small number of hybrids that find a nice balance between energetic yet focused – Leonidas (Super Silver Haze) and Yorkshire (Headband) have been the best two in that category.  I chose this blend for a few reasons; although Brown is a sativa dominant blend, its THC level is not through the roof and it is tempered with 4% CBD (CBD has been known to dampen the effects of THC and is said to aid in reducing anxiety).  Since Brown is already ground it was easy enough to load up a bowl in my Solo and get things going.  While waiting for my vape to heat up, I decided to empty out my 10 grams of Brown onto a sheet of paper to see just how many sticks and twigs were included.  Although I cannot speak for anyone else’s experience but my own, what I discovered was not what I was expecting based on my first glance of a twiggy product.  Yes, there were a small number of twigs and even one seed (pictured) but in the entire 10 grams of Brown there was less than .25 of a gram in total…. Much less than what would be included in the same amount of bud.  So while Tweed missed the target on the stem free experience, the stems that were there were, in my experience, hardly more than a minor annoyance.

Seed for scale

The effects were also surprising!  Nice clouds and a near instant sense of well being with none of the anxious attributes I typically associate with sativas.  This is not an overly strong blend in terms psychoactive effects but that’s really not what Brown, or medical marijuana, is about.  MMJ is about treating symptoms that have not been responsive to traditional medicines or therapies.  And, I am sure I will receive lots of heat for this (and possibly be called a shill), I believe Brown achieves this.  In spades.


I held off posting this report for about two weeks so I could digest my thoughts and consume the product over a longish period to test its prolonged potency and like I mentioned before, Brown’s effects did not noticeably diminish over the time it took for me to consume it.


I think the only thing that made Brown a mixed bag for me was the build up and fanfare.  Had this product been introduced with a little more modest claims about its purity I think it would have ruffled a few less feathers.  At the end of the day though, Brown has made its way into my rotation for providing a reliable treatment to help curtail my symptoms.