Let's talk edibles!

I had the great pleasure of meeting with Tasha from ediblemedicals.ca the other day.  I first became aware of Tasha and her site through a tweet of a re-tweet on Twitter.  As experienced as I am with marijuana in flower and concentrate form, I have had less experience with edibles and wanted to find out more about them from someone in the know.  Tasha fits the bill; not only is she a cannabis edible enthusiast, she is also a classically trained chef and nutritionist.


Cannabis edibles are food products made with the extracted medicine from the marijuana plant.  They provide an alternate consumption method to experience the medicinal benefits of cannabis without combustion or vaporization.  Consuming marijuana this way has a longer onset period then when smoked or vaporized but the effects last longer as well.


Tasha explained in order for the medicinal compounds of marijuana to be consumed through edibles it first needs to go through a process call decarboxylation which turns THCA into the more sought after THC.   As well, THC is a hydrophobic oil and not water soluble, but does bind to fats and is soluble in alcohol.  Many cooking preparations start with binding the THC with a suitable oil, the most popular being butter (cannabutter).  Tasha, however, prefers to use coconut oil explaining that not only is it more versatile but the she finds she gets a more potent extraction from it versus other methods.


Our discussion was a fluid one, delving into the healing power of THC and CBD and how the those compounds, along with the other 65+ cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant work in synergy to relieve a multitude of symptoms.  Everything from simple inflammation to tremors related to epilepsy and MS.  It became very apparent to me that Tasha wasn't in this for kicks, she has a deep passion for helping people.  Tasha shared with me how it was when her father became ill she began to look at marijuana as medicine. This led to her researching more about cannabis and the many benefits it holds both as a treatment and as a preventative medicine, but a long standing bias against smoking marijuana stood in the way.  That’s where edibles came in. 


Tasha names the book “Cannabis Pharmacy” (Michael Backes) as her bible for all things marijuana and used herself as a guinea pig for many of her early recipes.  These days, Tasha’s creations range from the classics: brownies, blondies and other baked goods to granola, tinctures and bhang – a cannabis infused coffee made with a pestle and mortar.   She works with a variety of patients with ailments ranging from MS to cancer and prefers to use strains high in CBD, which can be a challenge to find in the current climate.


I had the opportunity to sample a few of Tasha’s recipes and can tell you first hand they are tasty and effective (more on that in an upcoming review!).


If you would like more information on edibles or the services Tasha offers please contact her via her website www.ediblemedicals.ca