The Guru by Namaste Vapes


Looking for the latest info on the Guru vaporizer?  Go HERE!!

A few weeks ago I came across a concept video for a new vaporizer prototype called the Nameaste Guru.  What struck me about The Guru was the sleek design and the versatility of the unit.   Although still in the concept stage, The Guru is said to boast an all glass and ceramic vapor pathway, true vaporization versatility (dry materials, concentrates and e-carts), an easy-to-use interface and a truly portable design.


I did a little more digging and found that The Guru has it’s own Indiegogo campaign that featured another video showing a prototype of The Guru created through 3-D printing. 


I really like what I saw, both as a consumer and as someone with an eye on the industry in Canada.  As you may know, marijuana is still under prohibition in Canada.  **Yes, we have medical program (MMPR) that does get medicine to those in need, but it is a fledgling system and a system not without its flaws.  One of the ways the system could be improved upon is in the products available to patients.  The MMPR program currently follows a ”dry flowers” only regime, meaning no concentrates or edibles.  Where I see that changing is in the introduction of pre-filled e-carts; a practice that would allow doctors to better prescribe and administer doses for patients.


From a recreational standpoint, The Guru looks like it could be the first vaporizer to truly do the job on herbs, concentrates and e-liquid… something many have claimed but none have truly delivered. 


The size of the unit does look a bigger then most, but with the introduction of The Mighty last year, it’s far from the biggest.  I’m one that doesn’t worry too much about stealthiness, rather portability and ruggedness, The Guru looks to have both!


I was so impressed with what I saw I reached out to Namaste and was happy to connect with Kory.  Kory, a fellow canuk now located down south, took the time to explain to me how he came to be in the vaporizer business as a reseller and how that inspired him and his team to come up with a next generation product.


I really encourage everyone to check out the videos and to stop by The Guru’s indiegogo campaign page.  This might be more than just vape on the wish list, this might be a vape to get behind!



**British Columbia not withstanding, you awesome, awesome Provence!