The Education Station welcomes Michael Kushbury to our team! Kushbury brings an informative educational approach to “safe cannabis use” cultivated from years of experience as a medical patient and advocate!

Training new users of cannabis is going to be the number one priority of all licensed cannabis providers and accessory manufacturers. “We want everyone’s first cannabis experience to be as good as our best.” says Jonathan Hirsh, founder of the Education Station. “We don’t want folks to try it once and never again. Comfort is our number one priority”

Toronto, October 11, 2018 – The Education Station Communications Inc. is a new company dedicated to educating first-time and longstanding cannabis users in safe use, cultivation, extraction, and edible- making. We will spend as much time as it takes to teach you to roll the perfect joint, or operate a shiny new vaporizer. The Education Station is a mobile interactive activation, that can be brought to any age- gated community (19+) across Canada.

Starting October 26th, the first Education Station can be found at The Cannabis Living Expo at the International Center Toronto. The Cannabis Living Expo will house vendors, clinics, cannabis seminars and entertainment. The show is aimed at the end user, and will be the first of its kind after legalization. The Education Station will have a 20’x20’ booth ready to instruct all who come through the hall doors. From the comfortable and welcoming schoolhouse design to the recognizable and familiar brand sponsors, the Education Station will be a very open-hearted place just to hang out. Absolutely nothing at Station will be for sale. “The main purpose of the Education Station is having an authentic one-on-one conversation around cannabis and the best possible accessories to ensure a perfect experience” says Hirsh.

“I want to make sure when someone picks up a vaporizer or turns on their Magical Butter Machine for the first time, that they have all the information and know-how to make to make that experience the best it can be. The internet used to be the place to go but these days it’s like finding a needle in a haystack; A thousand ways to roll a joint, ten brownie recipes .... No more! The Education Station will provide the one tried-and-true way of doing all things cannabis” says Kushbury. “My goal is to provide the information that I had to invent for myself. When I started compiling instructional videos of various cannabis strains, accessories and ancillary products, I did so as a resource as much for myself as for others. Now I want to bring all my years of expertise to enable new users to make great choices.”

The Education Station wouldn’t be possible without the support and industry-leading approach to education from our generous sponsors: Boveda, Piece Maker, Twister Trimmer, Magical Butter Machine,

TVape, Rosin Tech, Plug N’ Grow, Cyco Nutrients, Anden, Airsniper Pro Canada, Canna Thrive, Krush Kube, ThaiGer Thai Sticks, Re Stash Jar, Grow It All and the Canna Living Expo. The Education Station will be demonstrating how these products can aid you in your canna-journey.

About Jonathan Hirsh:

Jonathan Hirsh has been a content producer, and medical and recreational user of cannabis for over 14+ years here in Canada and in California. He was featured on LIFT’s list of Instagram influencers to follow alongside Tommy Chong, Remo Nutrients and many more ( instagram). Jonathan is up for two Canadian Cannabis awards, in the influencer and cannabis crusader category.

Follow him at to find about the latest cannabis gadgets.

About Michael Kushbury:

Michael Kushbury made his way into the cannabis industry first as a patient turned advocate and eventually as an educator.

Since 2014, Michael’s main body of work has been producing and compiling profile and instructional videos of various cannabis strains, accessories and ancillary products.

With the new changes in laws and having a large body of work and experience to draw from, Michael has shifted his focus to education where he hopes to provide quality information to Canadians interested in exploring cannabis for the very first time.


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