White Label Co Coconut Chocolate Brownie

White Label Co Overview:

White Label Co is an edible company that operates as a patient collective.  With each edible boasting “1g of kush” or more this  I was super curious to try them out!  Their flagship product are gourmet “brownie pops” that are covered in all manner of decadence.  I went with the coconut chocolate brownie…. Can’t wait to dig in!

Accessing White Label Co:

My first exposure to this company was at the 710 Cup .  As they are a new company they are still establishing distribution methods so  keep checking their Instagram feed for more information @whitelabelco

White Label Co Pricing & Selection:

Most of the White Label products sit in that $10 - $15 range.  They have a fantastic selection of gourmet brownie pops and new terpene elixirs (next time!)

Unique to White Label Co:

White Label Co is a true coop as they procure much of their medicine through patient donations.

Coconut Chocolate Brownie Smell, Texture, Taste:

The taste and smell of the brownie pop was great but there was no hiding that cannabis was present.  This wasn’t an overwhelmingly weedy edible, rather one with just enough of a hint to let you know this ain’t your mama’s brownie!  Texture wise this was 100% decadence!  High quality chocolate over a moist cakey brownie!  FANTASTIC!

Coconut Chocolate Brownie Effects:

Start Time: 12pm

Starting to feel effects: 1pm (1 hour)

Effects strong feeling set in: 1:20pm (1 hour 20 minutes)

Effect coming down: 4:45pm

The effect came on in about an hour and peaked about 20 minutes and lasted for about 3.5 hours.  Great overall experience and fantastic taste!  I was very impressed with these edibles!  I found it to have an equal body and head high and left very cleanly.  Highly recommended!


Taste:  90/100

Effects: 85 /100

Looks & Packaging: 80 /100





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