Sweet Tooth Canada Cereal Bars

Sweet Tooth Canada Overview:

Sweet Tooth Canada is a very new edible company operating out of Toronto.  The owner first started making edibles for a family member with stage four cancer and the community expanded from there.  They specialize in a variety of cereal bars but also offer other baked goods like sugar cookies.



Accessing Sweet Tooth Canada:

Sweet Tooth Canada is still looking for distribution and are not yet in retail stores (as of July 2017) but you can access them through their IG social network @sweettoooothcanada

Sweet Tooth Canada Pricing & Selection:

Most of their products sit at $10 (100mg) but they have package deals if you are buying 6, 12, etc.

Unique To Sweet Tooth:

Sweet Tooth ops to use a full bud extraction vs straight distillate or isolate.  While this will impart a slight cannabis-y flavor to the product you will have a more robust experience from it.


Cereal Bar Smell, Texture, Taste:

I tested three of these bars…. The Over The Rainbow (Lucky Charms), Snickers (caramel and peanut) and Cookies n’ Cream (don’t make me say it).  The flavors of all were superb…. Sweet, tasty and just a hint of cannabis!  Texture wise, both the Over the Rainbow and Snickers had a leg up on the Cookies N’ Cream that I found a little dry.


Cereal Bar Effects:

Start Time: 11am

Staring to feel effects: 11:45am

Effects strong feeling set in: 12:15pm (1 hour 15 minutes)

Effect coming down: 3:45pm

The effect came on in about 45 minutes but I had taken it on an empty stomach.  Full expereice was felt in about an hour / hour fifteen and maintained for about three and a half hours.  At 100mg most people will find this strong, for me it was a great edible for the day.  Newbies start with half and you’ll do just fine!



Taste:  90/100

Effects: 85 /100

Looks & Packaging: 65 /100 – this could really use some improvement before hitting store shelves.