Dong Kong Edible Review

Herbivores Edibles Overview:

Herbivores is a division of Exotica Farms, a well known collective from Ontario. I met them at The 710 Cup 2017 and was very impressed with the selection of edibles they had on hand.

Accessing Herbivores Edibles:

As mentioned above, I discovered Herbivores at The 710 Cup and they are known to do the marketplace circuit for events like the Marijuana March and Green Market but they are starting to pop up at online dispensaries such as

Herbivores Edibles Pricing & Selection:

Herbivores product selection is quite large and is based around infused versions of your favorite treats. Cakes are all plays on lunchtime classics… Twinkies are now Twonkies, Swiss Rolls are Swift Rolls etc. They also have a line of infused chocolate bars (their Reese “Racers” peanut butter cups are amazing!) and gummies. Gummies and bars are usually around $10 and the cakes $15.

Unique to Herbivores Edibles:

Herbivores boasts their infusions have zero cannabis flavor and are true to their original versions.

Dong Kong Smell, Texture, Taste:

The cake was a little crushed from transport but other than that was fine. I found zero cannabis flavor and this was pretty much the same snack cake I remember from my childhood in terms of taste and texture.

Dong Kong Effects:

Start Time: 11am
Staring to feel effects: 12pm (1 hour)
Effects strong feeling set in: 12:15pm (1 hour 15 minutes)
Effect coming down: 2:30pm
The effect came on in about an hour and peeked about 15 minutes later, which is right on schedule for me. I found this to be a mild edible, very clear headed with a nice body buzz, a good recommendation for a daytime edible user. I found the duration to be a little short but it did leave very cleanly in that I was not left feeling tired or worn out. Very good!