Wee Medical Dispensary

WeeMedical Dispensary (St. Clair W.)

Written by Toronto Toker for Dankr.ca

Reprinted with permission from Dankr.ca

WeeMedical is a chain of dispensaries that has expanded from BC into Toronto. Overall I was not impressed by my visit, budtenders weren’t using gloves and not listening to the patients needs. The budtender also called $12/gram weed “Wal-Mart quality,” urging me to get a $14/gram strain.

568 St Clair St. W.
WeeMedical is in uptown Toronto, making it accessible to a different group of Torontonians. There aren’t many dispensaries in the area to compete with, so they are helping fill a void. The dispensary is on St. Clair W. so it can be reached by both subway and car easily. 

Membership Access:
To sign up with WeeMedical you will need to have some proven medical issue that can be helped with cannabis. This can be a doctor’s prescription (MMAR/MMPR/ACMPR), other dispensary card, or a confirmed medical diagnosis. WeeMedical also accepts prescriptions for medicine that cannabis could potential be used instead of. If you are granted a membership they will fill out their business card like membership card and you can make you purchase.

Pricing & Selection:
WeeMedical had 8 different varieties of cannabis, when I visited. All were priced between $12 – $14/gram tax included. The cannabis buds looked good and were well trimmed. The strains looked middle of the pack for Toronto quality, but are priced at the higher end. There was also a large selection of edibles from Canna Co., the budtender was telling me that all of their edibles are shipped from BC. Even with the shipping, the edibles didn’t look damaged. 

Mystery Strain:
I like saliva’s because they will be energetic and promote creativity, so I usually ask for a sativa. I did the same at WeeMedical and was told their aren’t any pure sativa’s, everything is mixed to some degree. Okay, I understand that, but not what the budtender said next. He said no one likes pure sativa’s, he shouldn’t be telling patients what they do and don’t like. Medicine is unique to each person.

WeeMedical is the only dispensary that did not label the patients cannabis. When I got home I couldn’t remember the strain I selected. Either way I enjoyed the strains, it was well flushed, but a little hash on the throat because it was slightly dry. The strain provided the sativa dominate effects that I was looking for. The cannabis was clean tasting and I would purchase again, but not for that price. 

Unique to WeeMedical:
The first thing I noticed when entering WeeMedical was how bad it smelt. It was warm, their A/C may have not ben working. This was the first time I’ve been to a dispensary that didn’t smell beautifully of WEED!

I was impressed with their large selection of edibles made by Canna Co. There were gummies, bars and cookies all ranging in potency. Most dispensaries have shied away from carrying edible since the Project Claudia raids; it’s nice to see a dispensary well stocked. WeeMedical is the only dispensary that did not label the cannabis I purchased. This could be problematic for patients that need a variety of different types of cannabis.

I was very disappointed with how the staff member who helped me acted. He wasn’t wearing any gloves and dropped a nug on the counter from a foot above to show me something, after saying, “Look see…” The only thing I know is he just knocked a bunch more trichomes off the bud, didn’t get that strain.

When exploring different dispensaries, I always check out some lower priced strains to see what their low end and high end are like. When I asked to look at a $12/gram strain the budtender told me that $12/gram bud is “Walmart Quality” weed and I should look at the $14 buds. The $12/gram strains didn’t look that low quality, but maybe I’m being to hard on Walmart .

The budtender made it feel like he was pushing me towards certain products rather than listening to me. I found this frustrating and not worth putting up with for their expensive buds, this is one dispensary I won’t be recommending.

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