Twisted Extracts – Jelly Bomb Video Review

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Twisted Extracts Overview:

I was really impressed by Twisted Extracts product, the Jelly Bomb. The product was very discrete, enjoyable with minor cannabis flavor and provided potent medical effects. Onset of effects were very quick, with me feeling effects within half an hour on an empty stomach.

Accessing Jelly Bombs:

Jelly Bombs used to be offered in almost every dispensary in Toronto, before the start of Project Claudia raids in May. Since then, most dispensaries refrain from selling edibles, but some have redirected their patients straight to the source of their edibles. Patients can now order Jelly Bombs straight from and have it delivered straight to their home. Be careful when ordering in the summer though, high temperatures can cause the Jelly Bomb to melt in the mail.

Twisted Extracts Pricing & Selection:

Twisted Extracts offer 4 different flavours (cherry, orange, mango, apple) of Jelly Bomb and one flavour (raspberry) of their Zzz Bomb. Each package contains approximately 80mg of THC, enough for 8 standard 10mg doses. The Jelly Bomb is shaped like a Lego block with 8 raised nibs. These nibs make it easy to cut the edible into 10mg doses. This dose has been set as the standard THC dose in Colorado.

Jelly Bombs can be ordered through for $12/bomb plus shipping and tax. If you know of any dispensaries in Toronto, or the surrounding area, that still offer Jelly Bombs, please leave a comment below to help direct patients.

Unique to Jelly Bomb:

Jelly Bomb, being a solid jelly consistency requires the patient to chew the product before swallowing. This is beneficial because it creates more surface area and speeds up the absorption. THC will also absorb quickly through the membrane in your mouth. If you have the opportunity to keep the product in your mouth for some time, (a minute) you will notice the onset of effects will drastically increase. Wait at least 1 hour before taking more edibles.

Jelly Bomb Effects:

I was very surprised by the effects I noticed from the Jelly Bomb. The effects had a strong mental presence with a minor body load. The effects were 70% mental and 30% physical. This was really enjoyable because I find most edibles lack mental stimulation. Edibles are commonly made from the cannabis buds, where as Jelly Bombs were infused with a winterized and decarboxylated hybrid cannabis extract. This ensures that the product is pure, in a psychoactive form, and made from a hybrid strain.

After ingesting 40mg of THC the mental effects were not over powering, I was still able to focus and film my Jelly Bomb review. The 30% body buzz was still effective, getting rid of the back pain I have been experiencing recently. This relief lasted for 5+ hours just as an edibles effects should.